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Why Choosing a Condensing Oil Fired Boiler Is the Way to Go

In terms of the proficiency of kerosene central heating boilers, you’ll do no better than a condensing central heating boiler, and here is a brief description why:

Whenever oil is burned within the central heating boiler, very hot gas will be generated inside a combustion area. This area is surrounded by a heat exchanger. Your heat exchanger (that’s a system of metal baffles together with piping) absorbs heat from your combustion area and sends this heat to the water which circulates within the boiler. This water goes on to heat the building through radiators, and/or is consumed through hot water taps or showers.

A condensing central heating Geen warm water boiler proceeds a step further. It has an additional heat exchanger which takes out much more heat from the heated gas created as the fuel is burned up. These heated gases proceed from the initial heat exchanger to the 2nd heat exchanger where it warms the cool water that is on its way into the boiler. Once this water subsequently goes inside the 1st heat exchanger, it warms right up to the needed temp a lot more rapidly. That obviously will mean that the burner needs to run for a short time, leading to reduced expenses.

The gas produced through burning up the kerosene will at this stage have had in excess of 90% of the energy extracted out of it and as a result it forms an acidic water known as condensate in addition to water vapour. The condensate will be taken away by way of plastic pipe whilst the water vapour as well as all leftover fumes will be sent outside of the boiler and in to the flue with a fan.

Selecting a Grant condensing central heating boiler will mean that you’ll acquire a top rated heat exchange process boasting stainless-steel baffles as well as the distinctive turbulator baffle process. This particular process conveys even more warmth, therefore heating and hot water expenses will be lowered much more, plus, you are going to own a central heating boiler that will be a lot more eco-friendly.

Just about any central heating boiler which is over fifteen years in use, will be likely to be about 70% efficient as well as probably not going to survive very much longer. Updating it with a Grant condensing oil boiler can help you save considerably over time. You may save 20% or even more on your present heating bills.

You might be able to receive a grant to assist you to update. In Northern Ireland there is a grant offered under a government scheme (see nidirect.gov.UK/grant-to-replace-your-boiler). The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI.ie) provide grants of up to €700 to people in the Republic of Ireland, dependent on the efficiency of the oil burner (which should be a condensing boiler).

Having more than 35 years of designing and producing oil boilers, Grant has the ability to make available to you a central heating boiler that is not just seriously economical, but is in addition really dependable.


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