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Network Constantly to Build Your Business Relationships

In this day and age we all need to get to the top of our careers to ensure that we don’t get left behind. In every business there will be obstacles in the way that need to be side-stepped to move forward.

Just yesterday, I found myself in that situation where I did reach some of my goals that I have set and it made me think back on what I did right & wrong. There is a saying by Benjamin Franklin: “Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

That sentence just makes sense and all mankind needs to live by it. There are things that you as a person or as a business will do wrong; however, what will make you stand out is not to be afraid of making those mistakes. Another quote by Mr. Franklin is this: “Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.”

As a business, or in my case, an online business, there are principles that have to be applied to become successful and to consistently grow. The one thing to expand your business or online business is this: NETWORK CONSTANTLY TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS

Networking constantly to build business virtual roundtables relationships will be so beneficial for any person. Now if you are an introvert as I used to be many years ago, I have some tips for you to brand yourself or your business better:

  1. Know all your fears!
  2. Embrace them but do NOT accept them
  3. Identify each one and start by doing something that will gradually eliminate that fear

An example of that 3rd one: I used to work with clients in the media industry that I couldn’t get along with because I feared talking to them. To you, that might sound stupid but my heart rate literally went through the roof every time I saw their name displayed on the office phone when they rang me. There were two things that I usually did when this occurred:

I would ignore the phone call due to that fear. (And that caused my “building a business relationship” to deteriorate and potential contract loss.)
I would answer the phone with such fear in my voice that the client picked it up and that made things worse.
Two years went by and as I gained more experience, so did my fear! One day this thought just popped into my head and it changed by business thinking forever. If I avoid people because of this fear that is inside me, I will NEVER become truly successful.
Am I going to allow that to happen due to some silly fear I have? Absolutely not! So I commenced doing the opposite: I phoned the client constantly and attacked that fear over and over again until it was eliminated!

As that happened, I did what I said at the beginning of this article: I was networking constantly and that helped built those business relationships

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