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Everything About the Nintendo Console

With all-round development in Nintendo market, it was announced that it would be creating a new console by Nintendo Company. Nintendo DS was set to release in the last month and gradually first. DS stands for ‘Dual Screen” and the most significant feature of DS is its two backlit display screens. The redesigned model of nintendo ds lite trade in Nintendo DS Lite & Nintendo DSi.

Nintendo DS are similar in size to the flash memory card and even the games for the Nintendo DS are sold & stored on DS cartridges. The device features two separate cartridge slots to accommodate the two media formats. This hand-held device also comes with backward compatibility. The handheld device is designed to produce audio, video, and 3D rendering of speed and quality. The handheld also features a headphone socket and microphone input for voice-recognition functions. The Nintendo DS standby time is an approx 10hours, so adding more fun for the gamer. Nintendo DS also includes wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi or USB adapter. To enable all the features you need to shop for Nintendo DS accessories. Let’s have a glance on Nintendo DS Accessories. It is a list with inclusion of Rumble Pak, Nintendo DS Headset, Nintendo DS Browser, Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector, Nintendo MP3 Player, and Guitar grip controller.

The Nintendo DS is rectangular in shape and is a handy device. Both the screen is aligned. The Nintendo DS stylus is used for game played on the touch screen. The touch-screen allows users to intermingle with its operation directly than by pressing buttons. On the upper side of display screen on either of the side stereo speakers provides virtual surround sound. And a built-in microphone is positioned below the left side of the bottom screen. The main menu bestows the player with four chief options to select namely Play a DS game, PictoChat, DS download play, or play a Game Boy Advance game. The other important feature of Nintendo DS is firmware. If facing any hurdle because of warning tips displayed then by custom firmware boots the system.

For the beginner’s and other user’s who wants to know top 10 Nintendo DS console:-
o Mario Kart DS
o Brain Age
o Brain Age 2: More Training Minutes in a Day!
o New Super Mario Bros
o Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia
o Mystery Case Files: Millionheir
o Chrono Trigger
o Kirby Super Star Ultra
o Nintendo DS Lite Cobalt or Black
o Nintendo DS Lite Metallic Rose

Thus, Nintendo DS has left his footprints in the gaming industry through its high-end specifications. Nintendo’s has adopted versatility in the field of games. You need to waste mind in thinking a lot if you are anxious enough to feel the experience of gaming at your fingertip.


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