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A Closer Look at AR-15 Magazine Parts

AR-15 magazine parts are integral components of the rifle’s feeding system, ensuring reliable ammunition delivery. Understanding these parts and their functions is essential for maintaining and troubleshooting your AR-15 magazines. Here’s a closer look at AR15 Parts Kits:

1. Magazine Body:

  • The magazine body is the main structure that holds the cartridges. It typically consists of a metal or polymer casing with feed lips at the top to guide the cartridges into the chamber.

2. Magazine Follower:

  • The magazine follower is a spring-loaded component inside the magazine that pushes cartridges upward as they are fed into the firearm. The follower keeps constant pressure on the cartridge stack to ensure proper feeding.

3. Magazine Spring:

  • The magazine spring provides the force needed to push the follower and cartridges up into the firearm’s action. It’s essential for consistent feeding and reliable operation.

4. Floor Plate:

  • The floor plate is located at the bottom of the magazine and is typically removable for cleaning and maintenance. It may have a locking mechanism to secure the magazine’s components.

5. Magazine Base Plate Lock:

  • The base plate lock is a part that secures the floor plate to the magazine body. It may be a button or lever that you press or manipulate to remove the floor plate for maintenance.

6. Magazine Lips/Feed Lips:

  • The feed lips are the curved or angled portions at the top of the magazine body. They control the cartridge’s position and alignment as it feeds into the chamber. Properly aligned feed lips are crucial for reliable feeding and preventing malfunctions.

7. Magazine Follower Button:

  • The follower button is a small protrusion on the magazine follower that helps prevent the bolt from slamming forward on an empty chamber when the magazine is removed. It acts as a bolt catch.

8. Magazine Body Ribs:

  • Some magazines have ribs or reinforcing features on the sides of the magazine body to enhance structural integrity and rigidity.

9. Magazine Capacity Indicator:

  • In some magazines, especially those designed for restricted-capacity jurisdictions, there may be a visible or tactile indicator showing the magazine’s capacity limit.

10. Magazine Witness Holes: – Witness holes are markings or openings on the side of the magazine body that indicate the number of rounds loaded in the magazine. They help users keep track of the remaining ammunition.

11. Magazine Extension/Base Pad (Optional): – Some users add magazine extensions or base pads to increase the magazine’s capacity. These components replace the standard floor plate and add extra rounds to the magazine.

12. Magazine Type: – AR-15 magazines come in various types, including standard box magazines, drum magazines, and extended magazines. The type of magazine you choose depends on your shooting needs and preferences.

13. Material and Finish: – AR-15 magazines can be made of various materials, such as steel, aluminum, polymer, or a combination of these materials. The finish, like parkerized, blued, or anodized, can affect durability and reliability.

Proper maintenance, including cleaning and lubricating magazine parts, is crucial for the reliable function of your AR-15. Damaged or worn magazine parts should be replaced promptly to prevent feeding issues and malfunctions. Understanding how these magazine components work together is essential for ensuring your AR-15 feeds ammunition reliably and operates smoothly.

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